Wax play basics

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Hello and welcome to my new post series: Kinky crash course! I remember when I first got involved in the social scene and realized that there was SO much information to learn. Kink has a pretty big vocabulary, and a steep learning curve.

Wax play basics

I spent a lot of time on Fetlife forums reading all I possibly could about different roles, types of play and the ethics of kink. I wanted to share this information somewhere a little more digestible and easy to find than just various forums on Fetlife not knocking the groups on FL, they are also great resources.

Why would you want to do wax play? If you have spent any time cruising Fetlife or other kink websites, you may have seen beautiful photos of a girl with a candle perched on her bum, the wax dripping down her skin. Or a rope photo where there are tapered candles tucked into the wraps.

What is wax play like, why would you want to do it? Wax play is sensation play. The feeling of wax dripping on your skin is very unique and fun. It can be painful, relaxing and sensual. For someone who is curious about sensation play, I think that wax play is safe and easy to learn. As a tool, wax is very versatile. I discovered my kink for wax when I was pretty young, I found that I really enjoyed the sensation of dripping the wax on me after I blew out a candle, and I just loved candles in general. I have seen wax play done in two ways:. Only two kinds of wax are safe for wax play.

There might be some debate on this topic, but from my experience these two are the most widely used and the safest. Different kinds of wax melt at different temperatures, and some of them are much too hot to pour on human skin. You risk burning your partner if you use the wrong kind.

I also tend to avoid scented wax, just because the more additives in the wax, the more variables for temperature variation. Color also plays a role in temperature. The wax melts at too high of a point and will burn your partner. Avoid: Candles with glass containers. I have heard some people recommend the religious candles you can buy at the grocery store, which is not a good idea.

If a candle has glass around it, when you tip the candle the flame touches the side of the glass. The glass will heat up and can burn you, or even worse, shatter. To set up a basic wax scene, here are some other items you should have on hand aside from your sexy selves and the candles. Some body parts are better than others for wax. Wax is safe on a large majority of the body. Obviously some body parts will be more sensitive than others. You should negotiate where wax will go on the body before the scene. Some wax play basics can tolerate having wax on their nipples and some absolutely cannot.

If you are playing with someone new to wax play, talk about their body and negotiate if it is ok to try those places or not. Backs, chests, and legs are the best places to start off with. As a top, I usually drip wax on my arm first to test the temperature. I will move closer wax play basics watching their reactions. Some other ways to play with sensation are to add a blindfold, or light restraint to the experience. Removing the wax is one of the best parts. The options are limitless, but my favorite is using my fingernails to scrape and peel the wax off. You can be gentle or rough doing this, which obviously will change the intensity of the scene.

I also use a knife to take of the wax, but knife play is another subject entirely. Notify me of follow-up comments by. Wax play basics me of new posts by. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Wax play basics

Learn how your comment data is processed. Posted on October 13, October 15, by ErisM. The wax can then be scooped and poured onto the willing subject. The plus sides to do this is that you have more wax readily available at one time, and can be very precise about the temperature of the wax.

Wax play basics

People who enjoy creating artwork out of wax will often use a crock pot for their wax. Obviously this method requires more equipment and more wax. With Candles: Candles are my preferred method. You can use several different shapes of candles, including pillars and taper candles. With candles, you wax play basics until the wax is pooling in the candle and then you drip and pour the wax. Kinds of Wax Only two kinds of wax are safe for wax play.

Soy: Soy melts at an extremely low temperature, meaning that the melted wax will be cooler. Paraffin: Paraffin is a petroleum product, and melts at a slightly higher temperature than soy. Candle Shapes When it comes to physical candles, there are some preferred shapes of candles for wax play.

Pillar: Pillar candles are cylinder shaped, with no glass encasing them this is important. Cylinder shaped candles are great because they are wide enough that a large amount of wax can pool at the top, and they are also good for holding. Taper: Taper candles are the kind of candles you stick in a candle holder. They are tapered at the wick end, and usually sit on dining room tables.

You will see tapered candles in rope bondage sometimes. Setup To set up a basic wax scene, here are some other items you should have on hand aside from your sexy selves and the candles. A lighter duh. I prefer the taper kind opposed to a cigarette lighter or a match, they just are a lot easier to use.

A wet towel or a fire extinguisher. If you are playing at a bdsm club if your club allows wax play they usually require you to notify the DM dungeon monitor when your scene has to do with fire, and they will provide you with an extinguisher. Wax play is messy. Even if you are careful where you drip it, when you scrape it off it will get everywhere. A hair tie if your bottom has long hair. The last thing you want to do is get wax in their hair or light their wax play basics on fire. Optional: Some people like to put massage oil on before a wax scene.

The oil will make the heat radiate more, but it will also make the wax come off easier. I like the discomfort of removing wax, so I usually forgo this item. Wax Removal Removing the wax is one of the best parts. Pingback: Teeny Tiny Power Dynamics kinky sprinkles.

Wax play basics

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Everything You Need to Know About Wax Play