Ice cube fetish

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View Full Version : What is the fetish with ice? Since I live in Europe I see a lot of times in US movies people traveling across US and whenever they stop at motel or hotel practically the first thing they need to do after they leave their bags is to find ice machine to get some ice in a bucket. So really can somebody explain what is the fuss about ice? Its simple, Americans just don't know how to make ice themselves.

Its actually a close guarded European secret, see those ice machines in Motels?

Ice cube fetish

That's what you get when using Fahrenheit as a unit for measuring temperature. Makes you forget where the freezing temperature of water is at. When I went on a trip with a couple friends, we used it to pour ice on of my friends while he was sleeping. As someone who lives in probably the hottest part the US Arizona Sometimes it might be better to "cool off" with a partner Can't speak for the rest of the country.

BTW, nice blasphemous avatar you got there. I dig it.

Ice cube fetish

Common decency. Theres not much thats going to be fun about rubbing ice cubes on a girls nipples if she sees it coming. A lot of women are like that.

Ice cube fetish

But the lack of control has to be semi-legit. It's not a first night thing for sure. Forget about ice. What about non-dairy creamer? Who the hell wants that? Apparently us Americans do. I wonder when abroad if us Americans ask for the toxic concoction that is Sweet and Low. We also drink Ice Tea. Abroad that confuses people but woe to those who question this logic in the USA.

Jesse is spot on, both s.

Ice cube fetish

Sugar is the only way to enjoy ice tea. Ice helps me achieve that goal. I'd also like to point out that "a long drive" in Europe is not the same as it is here in the US. Am I the only one who doesn't like ice? I prefer drinking quite a few beverages at room temp. Go figure. I prefer no Ice in my beverages when I go out to eat but thats cause they use too much Ice, at home I'll just use a few cubes.

I have sensitive teeth, so I rarely use ice. I'll use it to cool cans and whatnot, but never put it in my drinks. Winter, snow, and temps around 10 degrees F make for a jawusum can chilling combo. But that is the only thing I really enjoy about Winter. It needs to stay 70 degrees all year round.

As a freelance hockey playing lumberjack dwelling behind the great socialist maple curtain, I scoff at your concept of winter. I was at a store ice cube fetish and a guy lifted a bird up off the side walk. It had it's mouth open and looked like it was hyperventilating. It definitely could have used some Ice.

We don't have winter anymore. Global warming took it away. I grew up in the southwest US. High elevations and ice cube fetish winters. This bone chilling, below zero at night shit can stay in the land of kilted yaksmen. For me, after a night of driving I'd really like ice cube fetish alcoholic beverage on the rocks. So yeah, ice would be a nice first stop for me. I just have another burning question about US and that is how come 1st "Twilight" movie ends with kids going to the prom and yet 2nd "Twilight" movie begins with those same kids in high-school again?!!

Isn't the prom the very end of high-school so WTF? It's really killing me Do not try and mix logic with Twilight please. In fact do not even watch Twilight. That was the junior prom. Much later they get a senior prom. Mookie, always Do The Right Thing. The only Twilight worth watching! The juniors do a lot of the gruntwork while the seniors do more of the planning, that way the seniors get to spend more time enjoying the prom process, rather than freaking out about making it perfect.

It's kind of a pay it forward scheme where juniors work hard with the understanding that next year when they are seniors the class below them will do the same. Also, you get more kids attending which makes it more fun for all people involved. My wife's graduating HS class was about 30 folks, so it would be a very small prom unless this process was in place. I also quite liked the movie and the 80s series wasn't that bad. Please don't hold it against me if I don't understand the reference. After seeing and only seeing the 1st movie - I immediately wished for either 1 of 2 things: A neuralizer from Men In Black, or a time machine to go back in time and stop myself from watching Twilight So they want put some cubes in there cup or they are going to be fancy and chill a bottle in their ice bucket.

Maybe there isn't even a refrigerator at all they are going to get a Styrofoam cooler, keep it in the closet with all their lunch meat, soda, etc. Edward had a bad case of blue balls. Rosie Palm and her five friends weren't cutting it anymore. So it was a junior prom But also it's so great that in US you don't have to bring your parents at the prom, here it's unfortunately obligatory.

And also as a little bonus in cafeteria scene they have a flag of Croatia but from the old republic that hasn't been in use since All rights reserved.

Ice cube fetish

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Ice Cube Fetish (???)