Fart fetish forums

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Dear Grokio, I was wondering after the arrival of PupSpace whether Grokio was planning on making new platforms for other new communities? If so, which communities do you have in mind? We are definitely in need of this. Am commenting on this late most likely, but I would love a forum where I can be my farty self and share my lovely time with farts and blasting faces without feeling shamed by those that don't share the same fetish. Sure, we could all just go to porn sites for it, but Grommr is a community in itself; a community that strives for acceptance and allows us to be our unique selves.

We feel safe here, but more can always be done to improve on that safety and uniqueness of individual users, and a forum like this will achieve that. I think this would be an amazing idea. I've had so many bad experiences with bears on Grommr because we don't share the same fetish and it fart fetish forums up becoming rejection, but that's mainly because of the fact that I'm not sure if I'm around people who have the same likes and fetishes that I have.

It'd be nice to have a profile with people that likes the same things I do. This would be awesome! It's so hard to find other guys who are into facefarting, so I'd really appreciate a male fart fetish platform. I'd say more so than gaining itself.

Fart fetish forums

The amount of Kik chats, telegram groups, eproctophilia forums, yahoo s and videos is really surprising, there's definitely a big target audience for this stuff - maleassrippers. If Grokio wanted, they could combine it with the burp fetish or something also unrelated to gaining - it has a big following too but idk that much about it but I honestly think there is more than enough interest as it is Would be great if this happened.

Male ass rippers was quite the active place and i know many people who would love something. Similair again. To what extent is the farting fetish a sub-fetish of the gaining fetish, and to what extent is it a popular enough fetish of its own to warrant a site dedicated to it? I know sooo many gay fart groups on tumblrkiktelegram etc who have no community and no platform.

There are actually quite a lot more people into it than you would thinkit's surprising. I hope this idea takes off. Totally agree! There's nowhere online that currently caters to this fetish, and I think a lot of people out there would appreciate it. Farts is my biggest turn on, and people shouldn't kink-shame someone else fart fetish forums because it's not their thing!

I would really enjoy this and I think this is gonna be amazing! Agreed, i know a lot of guys myself included who have been needing something like this for years. We've just sent you an to.

Fart fetish forums

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Fart fetish forums

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Fart fetish forums

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