Celebrity kink

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See Again. He also follows Russian clothing brand Dr. Heidi Klum - The German model told Marie Claire that, while in the bedroom, it's "good to make an effort to dress up sometimes — to do things outside of the norm. John Mayer - As reported by Elite Daily, this musician apparently likes to use whipped cream in the bedroom.

Celebrity kink

Quentin Tarantino - Tarantino has never admitted it, but many think he's a podophile attracted to feet. The director features feet heavily in his films, inspiring an array of different articles and reports about his alleged fetish. Elvis Presley - It's widely reported that Presley had a foot fetish, though the man never admitted to it himself. Scarlett Johansson - Speaking with Playboy, this actress revealed what turns her on. This reportedly includes one pornographic video involving a man in a wheelchair.

Celebrity kink

Madonna - InMadonna published 'Sex,' a coffee table book featuring the star in erotic poses. Sometimes, if I taste something I really love, I get such tingles down my spine that I have to stop and take a break," he explained. Kristen Stewart - During an interview with British Vogue, Stewart revealed that she likes having her armpits licked.

Jack Black - Black told Playboy about his foot fetish. However, "they have to be clean. I'm not into, like, funky odors," he explained. Ricky Martin - InMartin sat down with Blender magazine, revealing one sultry secret. Let's just say celebrity kink involves using the shower. Google's your friend if you want more info.

Eva Longoria - Longoria has been open about being tied up, especially with silk scarves. Armie Hammer - The high-profile actor has not hid his kinky ways.

Celebrity kink

Amber Rose - Rose has a thing for dominating rich men. Penn Jillette - During an appearance on 'MTV Cribs,' this magician introduced viewers to his pleasure dungeon, complete with a one-way mirror to watch out for intruders. Carmen Electra - The glamour model has spoken about getting rough in the bedroom. In her own words, "a little pleasure, a little pain. It's celebrity kink about fun. Moby - The 'Porcelain' producer has apparently spent some time in the New York bondage scene, as revealed in an interview with Marc Maron.

Christina Aguilera - "I'm really into fetish gear, and latex is really making a strong statement for me," Aguilera told Q Magazine. Nick Lachey - In the past, Lachey has been open about wearing the shoes of then wife Jessica Simpson. She searched for a catsuit there, looking to make things more exciting in the bedroom. Dave Navarro - Navarro could be one of the kinkiest celebs on this list. It's said that his guitar strap doubles up as a bondage restraint. Margaret Cho - Talking to The Rumpus, this stand-up comedian talked about her frisky habits.

Celebrity kink

I think of [it] as being just like anything else that you would do," she said. Lana Wachowski - Co-creator of 'The Matrix,' this filmmaker has had a past relationship with Ilsa Strix, a high-profile dominatrix, who reportedly introduced them to frisky activities. Dita Von Teese - It shouldn't be much of a surprise that this burlesque dancer is a little kinky. Also find out which zodiac you are sexually compatible with. O nce sultry celebrity kink, kinks, and fetishes are now in the mainstream. Others, however, have had their dark secrets spilled Armie Hammer is latest hot topic since direct messages he allegedly sent describing rape fantasies and cannibalism went viral.

Since then, the actor has been forced to drop out of his latest film. And that's not Hammer's only kink, according to the tags he follows on Instagram.

Celebrity kink

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Celebrity kink

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Celebrity kink

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