Sexting for lesbians

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Sexting is one of the hot joys of life ina time when honestly we cannot take joy for granted. As such, I want to help you gain confidence when sending that text, that selfie, that voice note recording your latest and greatest orgasm yeah you heard me, sexting is a multimedia world now, hell yeah fucking right. I think a misconception is that you need to be dating to sext, or you can only send your longtime gal pal sexts, etc. Consent is crucial.

There are many ways to consent to sending and receiving sexts. I usually ask very bluntly, is it cool for me to sext you whenever or would you rather I give you a he up before? Everyone likes different things — this holds true for physical sex acts as well as the language we use to describe those sex acts.

It also holds true for the way we all describe our bodies. While one person may love the word tits to describe her, well, tits, someone else may be really turned off by that word and would way prefer boobs. Some sexting for lesbians, regardless of their gender identity and presentation, may regard their chest as, well, a chest. You can also follow up with additional questions: Do you like other words too?

Are there any words that are totally off-limits? Can I touch my cunt, please?

Sexting for lesbians

Okay listen, we all have our Moves. That said, you should not be copying and pasting your sexts from one date into your steamy conversations with another. If you have multiple dates, your sexting experiences with each of them should feel personal and specific to the dynamic the two or more! The only time I will contradict myself with regards to this sexting suggestion is when it comes to nudes and thirst traps. We all only have so much time on this earth before it burns right up!

We all only have so much fancy lingerie! We all only have so many angles! Some people say you should take new nudes every time to which I say, goddess bless your whole heart, but I do not have the energy or bandwidth for that! The best thing about sexting is that the sky is the limit when it comes to describing sex.

In text, we can do away with some of sexting for lesbians boundaries. Do you love spanking your date but you inevitably get tired before she does? Do you wish you had more experience with [insert literally any sex act here]? Please type up the elaborate, complicated scene of your dreams! The thing about sexting is it should be fun. If you took some really good photos of your butt last week which, congrats, it is so hard to get a really solid butt angle!

Sexting for lesbians

I mentioned voice notes at the beginning of this article, and depending on your comfort and your vocal responses when you orgasm, you could simply send a recording of you masturbating. No words or descriptions necessary, just a very sexy surprise for your very lucky sexting partner.

Sexting for lesbians

Okay but what if you literally want instructions. I wrote you some instructions! With a thong, maybe?

Sexting for lesbians

You are creating a whole mood. You are telling a story!

Sexting for lesbians

Go slow. Move from moment to moment with great care. Use concrete sensory details. Take those tools and use them in your own writing — which, at the present moment, is all about sex. When you pushed me down and straddled me, holy shit.

I was so sexting for lesbians for you immediately — I could feel myself soaking my briefs — and when you took off your bra and let me suck on your tits I almost passed out. I want your nipple in my mouth again, I want to tease you and bite down gently, I want to hear those little moans you make and then I want you to start begging me for more… well, you get the idea! Instructions: This one is more you-centric. This can be simple describing a sex act you love or extremely elaborate describing like, the hottest most improbable wildest dream outlandish scenario you can barely wrap your brain around but the important thing is to be very specific and to build in places where your sexting partner can participate.

Paint a picture with your words. Specificity is so hot! Thanks babe! In these instances, take the above rules and condense them. Think about the most personalized short message you could send. You want to take stuff that only you and your sexting babe would say to each other or know about each other and really emphasize the sexual aspect of it. Have a good day! I swear to god my actual sexts, whether you would find them hot or not, are absolutely less stilted and more conversational!

But anyway, the main point of this guide is to give you some explicit actionable items and encourage you to experiment and get creative with your language. When is sexting over? Hard to say! When is lesbian sex over? Truly no one knows! And yet we muddle on. Another great way to conclude is with a nude, featuring your blissed out state. In those cases make sure no one feels bad if their sexts get left on read for hours at a time, and never ignore a sext indefinitely. Do you leave your read receipts on? Just wondering. Want to learn more?

Vanessa is a writer, a teacher, sexting for lesbians the community editor at Autostraddle. Find her on twitter and instagram. Thank you for this wonderful resource. A really hot sext, huh? Hmmmm… Regina: Emma, come over.

Sexting for lesbians

Emma: I know. I sent him to the movies. Yeah that just rubs me the wrong way if its obvious that its an old pic. I want to know what you look like that moment as if I was right there next to you. As for the sexting: I have been known for my sexting skills via text hahaha.

Reading helps! It def helps with literacy and fluency. I like descriptive details. The more descriptive the better! Like tell me how your warm hand trailed slowlyyyy down my aching body. That kinda thing :. I also like a build up. As if it were happening in person hahaha. No need for pictures if you can effortlessly visualize it! Just my take :. Thank you for this post. You've decided to leave a comment. That's fantastic. Please keep in mind that comments are moderated by the guidelines laid out in our comment policy.

Let's have a personal and meaningful conversation and thanks for stopping by! Learn the Language That Makes Your Sexting Partner Feel Good Everyone likes different things — this holds true for physical sex acts as well as the language we use to describe those sex acts. Get Creative: Think Outside the Box and the Body The best thing about sexting is that the sky is the limit when it comes to describing sex.

Co-Fantasize Instructions: This one is more you-centric. Practice Good After-Care! Before you go! It takes funding to sexting for lesbians this publication by and for queer women and trans people of all genders running every day. Still, Related: sex advice sexting.

Sexting for lesbians Sexting for lesbians

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Lesbian Sexting: Dirty Discussion Tips to Spice Up Your Sexting