Adult breastfeeding fantasy

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Adult breastfeeding fantasy

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Breastfeeding Fantasies. Pants Est. Where to start? I'm sure a lot of us have these. For me, it's nonsexual. I'm not even sure if I'd like the real thing, but this is what I do. Sometimes when I'm sucking my pacifier, I'll imagine I'm breastfeeding, and I'll almost automatically start this little head bob, like a puppy nursing from its mother.

Adult breastfeeding fantasy

I'll press my face against my stuffed animal, and the combination of the softness and the sucking seems really soothing. Poofybutt Est. Messages 1, Role Adult Baby Little. Awwww, no need to be embarrassed, I think breastfeeding is something that many an AB has wondered and or fantasized about I know I certainly have adult breastfeeding fantasy well For me it's nonsexual as well, in fact there are many ANR relationships wherein the nursing aspect is devoid of any sexual slant.

I can understand why as well, breastfeeding serves a function, so while it's very intimate and connective it also has a purpose. I've always wanted to try it out because I think it would add so much bonding and realism to an AB and Caregiver dynamic. I assume it would be one of the few things capable of instant regression or Little-Space. Last edited: Feb 6, Messages 1, Role Diaper Lover Little. I'm not really AB Might be a bit curious!

Adult breastfeeding fantasy

BabyDenise Est. I would like to breastfeed as well but that will need to wait until I find a CG or GF that would be accommodating. Messages Age I've only done it for real with a milk supply once. It was amazing!! It tasted somewhat sweet and warm, but more than that, the way it made me feel, the connection I felt with my arms wrapped around my wife, it was just fantastic! I only wish I could have done it more than once!! I still get to "dry feed" occupationally, at this point, it's sexually stimulating for her, but different for me, which is kind of weird, but she gets turned on, and I get to enjoy in my own way ESPF Est.

Messages 3, Role Diaper Lover Incontinent. Messages Role Other. I dream about that alot, i suck on the one corner adult breastfeeding fantasy my blanket and stuff the other corner behind my head. WOW, great thread! I've been wondering if my Mommy and me are the only ones that do breastfeeding.

I'm not going to get into this very deeply because it's way lots of information! Not in large quantities as she did when breastfeeding her children after birth. There are a few things that are factors That has a lot to do with ability to produce mama's milk. If pre-menopausal, you are likely to succeed in re-production of mama's milk. I'm not as familiar with pre-menopause capability as I am with post-menopausal abilities.

My Mommy worked very hard and put in extreme effort as it's something she wanted that bad! Medications just for this ARE out there and used in conjunction with a schedule of either pumping with a hospital grade breast pump or actually having a human at the teet.

Adult breastfeeding fantasy

But doing a breast suckling at least 10 times per day is important. It's also important to understand that hormones are going to jump in and make themselves evident!! Mommy was prone to crying for no apparent reason at times. She would have vivid dreams of her babies at her breast.

Adult breastfeeding fantasy

She would have "feelings" in her vagina as if she had given birth some weeks ago and her body is still "coming back" after the birth. There are very many things to be concidered when attempting relactation. Be prepared for Mommy to have strong emotional feelings if breasting is done on a daily basis. No matter how involved Mommy and her little become in the breasting experience, it is another beautiful, bonding and tender loving part of what we all are looking for.

It will definitely strengthen the relationship even more!! Who woulda thunk it!! Click to expand I know it's been one of mine for a LONG time. CrazySmoker Est. I did. But it turns me on. If I'd, I'll repeat. Messages 2, Role Adult Baby. I sucked on my wife's breasts but she wasn't lactating. At one point she volunteered that if I did that enough she would. BuffedBaby Est. When we had our child my wife knew full well about my ABDL side and my desire to be breastfed. Fortunately for me both of us actually she was producing more than enough milk for both the real baby and the adult baby.

I was often diapered for these sessions but occasionally it was sexual and in those cases, no diaper play. All she needed was the suckling for her to reach orgasm so of course I was happy to help. Our baby was weaned after 6 months but I kept her milk flowing for another 2 years. Now, she will bare her breast while I'm diapered so we can both enjoy the activity although there's no milk it's still a special bond.

ChrisKrinkle Est. I find nothing more romantic and erotic than pretend breastfeeding while I am diapered and adult breastfeeding fantasy a pink baby dress! My wife really doesn't play mommy, but she will do this with me. I guess it's because its win-win Right after our daughter was born. I actually got milk ChrisKrinkle said:. I guess I'm a little confused, since I have no children.

Do women often orgasm when breastfeeding? Does that happen when a baby is nursing, as well as when an AB nurses? DanielW Est. Messages 2, Role Diaper Lover. We've tried this a of times but its a work in progress, I'm having latching issues and because of this it becomes uncomfortable for her, we wont give up though. It more or less has turned into soft kisses on her nipples which im fine with.

Cottontail Sailing, sailing, Did this adult breastfeeding fantasy my wife a few times when she was lactating--about 10 years ago. At the time, I didn't really look at it as a regression thing, although I think I could appreciate that aspect of it now.

But minor snag no more milk! And I'm pretty sure she wouldn't initiate that again just for me.

Adult breastfeeding fantasy

Oh well. Post reply.

Adult breastfeeding fantasy

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