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Submissives forum

I feel that there must be one. Some people use the words the same way, but there is a difference. All slaves are submissives, but not all submissives are slaves. To bring it to the simplest terms a sub can turn off the role at times. For example. There is a "play time" where the dom and sub set parameters and during that time the sub is acting in their submissive role. With a slave it is a life choice. If that slave is required to do something then that is the duty of that slave.

Now does this mean that all people in the community agree with this, no. Princess is my slave. There is no definition of where, when or where as far as what parts of her life are exempt unless in her contract. While with a sub there is a little more "freedom". If you have read 50 Shades of Gray and think that you are ready submissives forum be a dom or a sub. Then you have a lot to learn. Follow my slave's blog slave skye's real life blog if we can get followers she is going to start posting pictures!!!

I know submissives forum are at least of you that want to see that click the link and follow. We hit then she has said she will post a picture of herself.

Submissives forum

ProfessionalMaster wrote: Some people use the words the same way, but there is a difference. It all depends on who you ask. As a submissive I personally do not submissives forum the term slave. Again this is simply MY opinion. Being a submissive I can live out my desires for this lifestyle and not turn them "off" as PM stated above. I can have all the same rules and demands put upon me as any "slave". Its simply a matter of semantics and which word is preferred. For me its submissive And as such my submission is or will be given of my own free will It cannot be taken from me as the word slave tends to imply.

This thread should be interesting with the varied opinions out there. I look forward to keeping an eye on this one. As Ravyn has said, it depends on who you ask. I have seen this debated on many occasions, across many sites, and I don't think there is a truly definitive answer. I usually refer to her as my sub or my pet.

Personally I feel the term 'slave' can give the wrong impression for those who are new to the lifestyle, even those who do use the term know that the 'slave' still has the same freedoms and is still a person, this means that they can always say no use their safe wordto anything that goes beyond their limits of what they are submissives forum to do.

I'm glad to say this happens very rarely now however, since there is far more education about the lifestyle out there. To be honest with you I don't like the term "slave". It feels degrading to the submissive in my opinion.

Submissives forum

I aim to please my Master, some may say that because of this that I am a slave, but I do not class myself as one and neither does my Master. And I submissives forum agree with everything Ravyn has said above. Teased and Tormented -My very first story and competition entry is now up! I am my Masters slave. He gave me a choice as to what i wanted. I prefer slave as i am his submissives forum will do and obey his any order. I do not have a choice We sat up our guide lines from the beginning and yes I do have a safe word I am his forever.

We meet in real life and are always on together, day and night. When my grandson, who I raise is 18, we shall live together the rest of our lives As his slave he owns me, I am his BUT he also allows me my opinion, however, he always has the last word.

I love my lifestyle. BG doing my best to be good. To me, the only difference is that a slave is one full time as opposed to a submissive, who submits only during scenes. Slaves have limits just like anyone. Where those limits are varies, of course, but there is no such thing as a no-limit slave. There are slaves whose limits are beyond those of their masters. That scenario might be describable as "no-limit," in the sense that the slave's limit is not restrictive, since the master does not desire to exceed it.

But even if I were capable of ordering it, there are things no slave should ever want to submissives forum just because I say so. I bring all that up because I firmly do not believe limits are in any way a defining characteristic in differentiating submissives from slaves. Sensei wrote: To me, the only difference is that a slave is one full time as opposed to a submissive, who submits only during scenes. Ravyn wrote: I respectfully disagree with this statement. It all depends on the submissive in question and what they and their Mistress and or Master have discussed and agreed upon.

Again I think it boils down to semantics and what the words mean to each who choose whichever label and I say that word label with hesitation but can't find a more suitable word at the moment, It's been a long day. I am a submissive and yes I can fully and completely submit my mind, body and soul to another if I choose to do so. That does not make my commitment any less real then one who is called or referred to as a "slave. I can respect the desire to self-identify. However, I do wish to respectfully ask this: If there is no difference between the two, why do you choose one over the other?

In my mind, "slave" is not derogatory or anything other than descriptive. But, perhaps, my mindset is not universal. If you say that there's no difference Then what's the difference? Sensei wrote: I can respect the desire to self-identify.

Submissives forum

This is a very interesting thread and debate. I, personally, dislike the word "Slave". I would be more comfortable submissives forum "sub" or "puppy" to describe myself. I try to follow the rules set forth even when I am not interacting with my mistress. I think that "Slave" is a subjective term and might not accuretly reflect the relationship of a dom and sub. Like numerous others have already mentioned I think it boils down to personal preference. In my mind a slave would be closer to what we are shown in television programs like "Spartacus: Veangence" or "Game of Thrones".

Personally I take the word slave as a more experience person in the lifestyle rather then a submissive. A slave to me is kind of like a Maestro instead of just a Dom in no way do I mean that slaves submissives forum just as much as authority over submissives I'm just saying they have more experience, have a countless vast knowledge and experience in the lifestyle we choose to live.

At the same time, submissive and slave can also just be a preference in what you would like to be called. In my opinion, slaves would be seen more in high protocol, have more strict rules as well as harsher punishments. EsmeAnne wrote: Personally I take the word slave as a more experience person in the lifestyle rather then a submissive.

There is a huge difference. I value lee's mind and that right off the bat keeps her from being my slave. Her submission is her gift to me and I cherish it. Budlee wrote: lee is my sub and not my slave.

Submissives forum

The use of the word slave is a matter of choice. Some like the word because it has a certain air of permanence and committment. Others dislike it because of it's history. It all depends on how the person feels.

In My case, pet is My slave. She started out as a submissive and submissives forum that way for a long time. But when I gave her her Collaring Ceremony, she felt it was time to move to a more devoted term. She chose to use the word slave. When we played as submissive, she used the term Master and Sir interchangeably but once she took the term slave, I also took the term Master and that's what our relationship is now.

In the end it really doesn't matter whether you are a submissive or a slave, A Master or a Sir.

Submissives forum

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