Fetish hypno

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I hate to revisit this but apparently it's time. I've got at least 1 prominent hypnodomme threatening legal action over their files being shared.

Fetish hypno

Don't post it here. If these problems continue I'll have to pull the ability to share audio or limit it to authorized content creators. Up In. In or Address. In. Network Stats 39, members. Newest Members sskristen. Recent BBlogs.

Fetish hypno

December 20, Tantric Massage. January 28, Right now I'm doing some general research on tantric massage with the expectation that Fetish hypno be able to experience and, within my limited knowledge at the time, give tantric massage later this Spring. Are you a reader that has experienced tantric massage, or are trained in it? I can't imagine becoming Femdom Christmas poems. December 22, November 28, Posted by slipperyone Over here.

I know what you need. I can see it, plain as day. I'd found a whole new world every moment red-letter of people with my kink, full of sexy people who could Any recommendations.

Fetish hypno

October 7, Im trying to find hypnosis files to allow me to orgasm from only my nipples. I dont have much experience with them but im looking to find a series of files to help me get to that point. Im male btw. New Events. HypnoCon October 18, - hosted by Flanelbear.

Hypnocon events are men for men, gay erotic hypnosis events, where attendees explore hypnosis from many aspects, including subject, hypnotist, and all the ways that hypnosis relates to other aspects of power exchange, including malebots, control, and many other fetishes and areas of pleasure. June 21, - hosted by Hypnostage. Learn it ALL in this never to be repeated exclusive event April 25, - hosted by Flanelbear. Fetish hypno Leather Awareness Weekend has a fun undertone with many Hypno-fetish men enjoying the gathering.

October 26, - hosted by Hypnostage. New Groups. DarkWraith's Dolls. October 7, - led by DarkWraith. A place for those who have read my Become My Hypnotised Doll script and want to continue to be my doll. North Carolina Hypnosis. February 7, - led by johnspncer FEM Niagara Canada. October 27, - led by Di A place for those in Niagara Ontario who are M2F wishing to share any type of sissy, bimbo, or feminization.

Michigan area hypnosis. February 11, - led by Tennek. The timey wimey Dr Who rpg group. March 16, - led by Alyssalon. This will be the central meeting space for the Dr Who rpg campaign I may be running. Recent Photos. Posted by Calimore in the album Wall Photos. Posted by sherrym in the album Profile Photos.

Mistress Evelina The Hypnosis Show. I want you to relax Take a nice deep breath fetish hypno let it out slowly Feel yourself begin to relax Keep breathing nice and deep and evenly and wi Announcements Copyrighted content. Posted by EMG Apr What's New The post was not added to the feed. Please check your privacy settings. Nothing has been posted here yet - be the first!

Fetish hypno

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