I dated a cuckold

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That's totally okay. I'm a pretty open book Hi Marissa91! Welcome to the forum! I think after I've been on the combo pill generic of Tri-Sprintec for 4 years now. I take my pills every night at or around the same time never missing. I think this is a pretty controversial topic, in the sense that there is both positive and negative feedback with regard to it. Hello everyone! I especially liked the perspective it presented: that My wife had used IUD in the past and had side effects I'd like to know about this since obviously that is more of a thing women do then men usually.

Does anyone have an accurate statistic or at least an educated Hello, I think this post belongs here and not in the sex forum but it borders both topics. I am completely unable to penetrate at all with I had a total, vaginal hysterectomy in June Before my surgery, orgasms came very Logging in Remember me. Log in.

I dated a cuckold

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I dated a cuckold

Posts Activity. Find in titles only Find in Relationships Non-Dating only. of 1. Filtered by:. template Next. Learned a new word today. Basically I think it's where the woman can cheat and the man worships her anyway. But, to each their own I suppose! Comment Post Cancel. Historically, a cuckold is any guy whose wife has cheated on him. In the event of a proper divorce and emotional recovery, sure. I'd date a guy who had been cheated on. But I wouldn't date a guy for whom being cuckolded is a fantasy.

I wouldn't be able to fulfill it. Not all fantasies need to be fulfilled Originally posted by Little View Post. Susanna McDonald. That's a familiar story! I dated a cuckold guy when I was in my 20s although it didn't start off like that and I had no clue at the time that there was a term for such a relationship.

I dated a cuckold

I was in a very short relationship with a guy I had known in college. Really sweet guy but the sparks weren't there and I tried to call it off after a few months. He said he still wanted to be friends which was cool with me although I knew he was hoping that we would become an item again.

I dated a cuckold

I figured that as soon as I started dating someone new, the first guy would get the message and move on. Instead, he went out of his way to tell me how great he thought it was that I was dating someone new and how I dated a cuckold he was with it. It got to the point that he we were talking on the phone or over a coffee almost every night or every morning after one of my dates. I was reluctant to go into detail at first but he kept asking and eventually I stopped holding anything back. We talked about the kissing and sex and everything else in a detail that I have never even shared with anyone else.

At the time, I started thinking that maybe he was gay and I kinda enjoyed the 'girl' talk with him and the support that he always gave me. Whether a date had gone good or bad, I could always count on having him available to talk it out afterwards. It was only after six months or so that he sat me down one night and told me how much my sleeping with other guys had turned him on. The problem was that he also wanted to start becoming sexual with me again while still giving me complete freedom to go out with other guys.

I never let him have sex with me but I let him do a lot of other things and, while the physical sensations were nice, it really made me feel guilty like I was taking advantage of him in some way. Man I love hearing girly chat I can tell you without a doubt boys talk is no-where near this good A i dated a cuckold months ago my husband of 13 years said he was interested in a Cockolding relationship.

He also wants to experiment with Male Chasity. I think it is better to be with someone for a while and in a open and trusted realtionship before I would want to experiment with cockolding. This is a good article on it. Originally posted by bluepisces View Post.

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I dated a cuckold

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