Fetish cum

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Cum: some love it, some hate it. I, for one, love the gooey mess that only a thick load of jizz can provide. The streams of warm, white fluid being directed at me convey a powerful message, one that tells me that I have done a thorough job providing an extreme degree of pleasure. I love to get it almost anywhere on my body, be it my face, tits, or ass. I love to see the ecstasy of my partner as he releases his heavy load with complete delight. Experience during adolescence might go a long way in explaining why cum play le me to such a state of heightened arousal.

Doing anything else was considered taboo and degrading at the time. I wanted to play with it, and let it slowly drip down my body. I have thought many times about the numerous times I have let men cum on me. Some of my partners, despite delivering excellent sexual performances, could not deliver memorable amounts of ejaculate. Others, however, provided me with voluminous amounts of jizz; a few were like firehoses being directed at my body.

The stud who delivered the goods was in his late thirties. We had been dating for a few weeks, and I knew he had a natural ability for producing large amounts of semen. What a waste, I thought, for him to continue dispensing all of that warm, creamy goodness inside a condom. One night I told him I wanted his load all over my face. He was eager to provide me with what I asked for. After giving him a long blowjob, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and began stroking it vigorously.

I tilted my head back and waited for him to unleash what I had built up with my oral skills. I reflexively closed my eyes as I felt the first ropes of cum land on my forehead. He squeezed out every drop that remained, shaking his cock so that it made its way to my face. Once he was finished, I opened my eyes and looked up at him. I told him to go to the bathroom and bring back my handheld mirror.

I wanted to see what I looked like drenched in his goo. Holding the mirror a few inches from my face, Fetish cum stared at myself in amazement as I inspected the mess we had made. Making a man cum makes me feel powerful, like I hold all of the power in my hands and later all over me.

When I see the last drops of cum dangling from a hard cock, I fetish cum that I have fetish cum my skills and sex appeal to maximum effect. Spitting or swallowing is not for me. I would rather indulge myself in being covered in the cream that I helped produce. Let the fruits of my labor drizzle down my chin as I celebrate the erotic pleasure that has taken place. I find it incredibly hot to read your thoughts about cum.

Something a crazy kind of sexy about a girl that gets off on making a guy cum on her. Or maybe not. Either way, awesome guest post. Personally… Not me.

Fetish cum

When he comes he can stick it up his ass. In my mouth? On my body? If he makes me cum the sucks it then sure! This can make a woman feel sexy not a man using u to cum den letting ho of his load on or inside u cum on! So dumb. You sound so sexually free, so unfettered by the common, everyday pressure to just shuddup and be purdy! The twitching, the warm sensation, occasionally the trigger for me to him in his orgasm. Alternatively I also love to feel it come inside my mouth.

His most violent ejaculations fetish cum to come that way and the second pulse is always so strong.

Fetish cum

I love feeling it hit the roof of my mouth or the back of my throat. I swallow. Have never delighted in the taste of semen, but to spoil a good coming by not swallowing fetish cum always seemed sad to me. A few seconds of a bad taste should be no problem for the one you love. I also give him a snowball and that adds the most amazing togetherness. Done a few posts about that. Anyway, while I love the story, for me put it inside me every time. Incredible sensation and the knowledge of it having been produced for me, exclusively for me.

I agree with the post as well as your comment. Im sitting here searching up semen fetish because I need to know what I have. I love sperm!! I love it in me, in my mouth, on my butt, breast, legs and thighs I swollow I spit I suck it back up ans swallow again.

I love it. What is wrong with me. Its crazy but I love sperm. I love the penis spitting fetish cum its ooze and throbbing to completion. I love how u have to get rough with it at the end to pull it on out. I love to watch a man fetish cum himself to satisfaction. I have to feel it someway somehow. Nothing better than cumming inside of a women, especially when she is getting off and she starts to milk the cock and when she grips the tip and I blow a load inside her, then watch it drip out of her and eat her out…….

TI thought I was the only woman that this craving. It started right after I gave my first blow job to my first boyfriend. We had been making out a lot and he was pressuring me for sex but I was so afraid of getting pregnant. My best friend told me to just suck him off but also told me to not let him cum in my mouth as it was disgusting. A couple of minutes in my mouth which I truly loved and he let go! The taste and feel wass so great I reached between my legs and bamm I got off!

Now years and dozens of men cumming in my mouth later I am married to a man that knows I like doing it but has no idea how many men filled my mouth.

Fetish cum

And how much I crave other mens juice. He thinks I do it for him. Few of my ex girls, always wanted me to cum as much as i could, ejaculating lo of cum made them extremely aroused. Tracy, I have literally searched my whole adult life for a woman with your cravings.

Fetish cum

I was fortunate enough to have a GF for a year or so that learned with me that she relished semens texture how it felt on her teeth she saidwhen she swallowed. Unfortunately she was like most women though, she much preferred the feeling of my ejaculating vaginally so this was much more fetish cum routine. Oral sex, performed for either gender, is a very intimate experience in my mind and is hard to equal. I crave my ladies juices and hope she really craves mine, but I have no interest in tasting my own.

Half of those fetish cum usually pull up gay porn. I know women are horn dogs too and just require a bit more mental stimulation than men are often willing to give. I love the thought of a woman conquering my seed by swallowing. I love thinking how her body overpowers my seed and it becomes part of her.

That you have conquered so many men makes you powerful. Your husband is just another you own…. Tracy, I feel exactly like you!! I am now 57 years old and date mostly younger guys, one reason is that younger men have larger lo! I LOVE to watch guys shoot and love when it is for me. My latest guy is 34 and very open to all types of cum play!

So exciting to watch them go down after we have sex and he has filled me! I love women like you Karla…. I love mature sophisticated cum play…. Tracy, that depends on the guy.

Fetish cum

I have run into more than a few women who love cum for their own reasons to include one committed lesbian. Your guy might well find it hot to know the count. Look at it this way. They were lucky guys. If only I could find a girl like you. I would be approving and encouraging. I will suspect and it will make me produce a big load fetish cum you. I love girls like you. I got curious a couple weeks ago and started tasting my precum. Its warm, creamy and goes down so easily. I try to swallow my cum daily.

Totally LOVE it!!! I have a hugeee cum fetish too!

Fetish cum

His lo are just off the charts. He made way more money than me, and was sooo hot. And one of her guy friends was there. I drank a lot and I was horny. I probably let him in a little closer than I should have when we were talking. So afterwards, he kept offering to just eat me.

Fetish cum

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