Sex in instagram

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Instagram have updated their Terms of Use, with the new changes happening from 20 December.

Sex in instagram

It concludes by explaining why the new Terms of Use are a problem, and shares a petition and an template to try and push for better moderation of nudity on Instagram. Their answers can be quite sibylline sometimes, and are just re-hashed community standards more often than not, but I did get an explanation about hashtag censorship from them in and I always try to give them a right to reply.

Following their new Terms of Use update, I went back to them again with the followingto clarify unclear points and understand their stance. My name is Carolina, we spoke about IG verification over the summer and about the shadowban throughout and Attempted coordination of or recruitment for adult sexual activities, including but not limited to:. A variety of strippers sex in instagram my network have been receiving multiple warnings in the last few months. A variety of currently popular celebrities have made their name as strippers on Instagram.

How do you think these Terms of Use will affect pop culture and mainstream culture in the future, if people like them are suddenly not welcome on IG anymore? The guidelines also refer to: Sexually explicit language that goes into graphic detail beyond mere reference to:. How will Instagram distinguish between said language and, say, music and creative work using this language? Will this language ban be applied to words in song lyrics playing in the background of videos?

We must not have ly disabled your for violation of law or any of our policies.

Sex in instagram

I hope that, rather than simply answering with the Community Guidelines and Terms of Use we are already aware of and that I have pasted above, you will be able to expand on the questions I have to stop sex workers and other users from feeling they are being erased and deplatformed by Instagram. Instagram responded with their usual, oblique and unclear answers, but did clarify a few things.

They told me the nudity guidelines that have been recently questioned by a variety of s me included were already in place. The new additions to the Terms of Use are the deletion and management stuff — so the ones I referred to in the headings about deletion and s in my. Un post condiviso da Livia sequinmicrobikini. As both Instagram and aja. Instagram conveniently ignored my questions about choosing usernames, and I had to pester them about a line from the Terms of Usewhich stated that for an to remain on IG:. Either way, IG reiterated that sex in instagram someone believes their has been removed by mistake, they should use their Help Center to see if they can get it back.

A Facebook company spokesperson sent me the following quote which has been used in other media articles about similar issues :. We allow sex positive content and discussion, but we do not allow content that facilitates or coordinates sexual encounters between adults. Nevertheless, this has been the second direct quote the platform has sent me. Particularly since the platform has begun cracking down even on the mildest forms of nudity, too many of us are too scared to cross the line!

They refused to clarify. And if Instagram have stressed that users who go sex in instagram community guidelines should be reported, are they upping the ante on reports? First of all, nudity and sexuality are a key aspect of human life. Hiding them away as something shameful is puritanical and ancient, particularly since social media have played a huge part in opening up conversations about consent, sexuality, body positivity etc — and now they are taking that space away.

The guidelines state:. Instagram is not a place to support or praise terrorism, organized crime, or hate groups. Offering sexual servicesbuying or selling firearms, alcohol, and tobacco products between private individuals, and buying or selling illegal or prescription drugs even if legal in your region are also not allowed. Instagram also prohibits the sale of live animals between private individuals, though brick-and-mortar stores may offer these sales.

No one may coordinate poaching or sex in instagram of endangered species or their parts. This is a cheap, appalling, unrealistic moderation mechanism, which can be solved with a bigger focus on human moderation and with more transparency about their nudity moderation mechanisms. Deplatforming them will affect their livelihood, safety and mental health. For example, celebrities can post from strip clubs but a stripper posting a tamer picture might be deleted. Find it here and feel free to edit as you please according to your experience, and share with your friends.

Fill out this survey to share your experiences of censorship with us, in the hope to be able to present them to IG during my next meeting with them. Instagram have so far refused to meet with sex workers about this, if we exclude the amazing work by Nyome Nicholas-Williams over the summer. An update on this post can be found here and in the below slideshow. Instagram are considering the idea of engaging with us to explain and get feedback on their policies. Their guideline makes it very hard for us to be on the platform.

Sex in instagram

Not even implied nudes are allowed or hands in front of the naked body. No explicit text, not even […].

Sex in instagram

I ed! And a post explaining the new terms as she was able to understand them. As always, the TOS are oblique and misleading, […]. Women have bodies. Eilish drew […]. Ladies have our bodies. However, a lot of the nudity and sexual references Instagram ban — e.

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Sex in instagram

Visualizza questo post su Instagram. Hello My name is Carolina, we spoke about IG verification over the summer and about the shadowban throughout and Attempted coordination of or recruitment for adult sexual activities, including but not limited to: — Filmed sexual activities — Pornographic activities, strip club shows, live sex performances, erotic dances — Sexual, erotic, or tantric massages My questions with regards to the above are: 1.

Will posts from strip club shows be deleted?

Sex in instagram

The guidelines also refer to: Sexually explicit language that goes into graphic detail beyond mere reference to: — A state of sexual arousal wetness or erection or — An act of sexual intercourse sexual penetration, self-pleasuring or exercising fetish scenarios My questions on the above are: 1. Does the above mean that a deleted will now never be reinstated? Do the above ify any change in how users can choose their username? How can a user go about obtaining your written consent?

Thank you in advance and all the best Carolina.

Sex in instagram

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Sex in instagram

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After Instagram Rewrote Its Rules, Sex Workers Had To Get Creative To Survive