Submissive role play

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Indeed, I have to say that it can lead to some very arousing moments! The first time a partner sprang a roleplay scenario on me by dressing in a suit and acting like an authoritarian office boss, the sex that followed was quite exhilarating after I managed to stop giggling.

Roleplay is popular among BDSM practitioners, as it usually revolves around some degree of power exchange in the context of the fantasy. The vast majority of role pairs center on an implied imbalance of power between participants. If roleplay is new to you, you may be wondering what types of roles are out there.

Submissive role play

Check them out and see if any of them sound appealing to you and your partner! The knowledgeable guidance of a kind and caring or strict and domineering! Medical fetishism is considered an advanced form of play by many in the BDSM community, as the activities it entails require special safety considerations.

Submissive role play

If you want to REALLY dive in and include elements like scalpels, urethral play, or saline infusions, I highly recommend finding an in-person class or workshop in your local BDSM community that teaches these skills. This is a title often given to roleplay scenes where the top acts as the father, mother, older relative, nanny, or babysitter of the bottom, who plays the role of the person being cared for. Same concept. This usually involves ageplay, meaning that the bottom acts younger, or the top acts older, than they actually are. This type of scene might include child-focused things like onesies, diapers, pacifiers, stuffed animals, nap time, spanking, or other types of punishment combined with sexy play.

This can be a rather intense form of roleplay centering around rape fantasies and consensual non-consent. The dominant partner plays a kidnapper or intruder and forcibly has their way submissive role play their unsuspecting victim.

This kind of scene takes serious planning to pull off safely and consensually. Abduction play, as kidnapping scenes are often called, can become an extremely intricate multi-day fantasy for some. There are even some sex workers who specialize in satisfying this type of fetish. Sounds like a fun vacation to me! Handcuffs and uniforms, ooh la la! If the idea of breaking the law and being punished for it turns you on, prison scening may be right up your alley. As prisoners are usually separated by sex, this can be particularly realistic for same-sex participants.

Interrogation can be a wonderful aspect of prison play. Get creative! But as always, be very careful. Meow meow woof woof! Petplay is all the rage these days. Tons of people enjoy dressing up as dogs, cats, ponies, or other animals and taking on their characteristics.

They find it freeing to be in this hepace, which allows them to indulge in more primal aspects of their nature or levels of playfulness that they may not be inspired to explore otherwise. Additionally, domesticated animals are often helpless and easy to control, which can be a real turn-on for kinky types. Training involving pet-focused protocol and punishment are core aspects of this type of roleplay. I told you to file these reports over an hour ago! Maybe a spanking would help you stay focused.

Get in here and bend over my desk. A personal maid to cook for submissive role play and clean my apartment? Jesus Christ, bring it on! Maid training roleplay is particularly service oriented. Oh, and see if you can find a sexy maid costume your partner likes to help immerse them in the fantasy. There are some really cute choices available out there! Many of us poor plebeians would love nothing more than to be swept up and dominated by a rich partner with endless cash. Clearly, billionaires can afford all sorts of fancy tools and furniture, and take their poor partners out to the swankiest of ts.

If you had all the money in the world, how would you treat your doting partner? Also, what would you want in exchange for spending your hard-earned dubloons on them? This type of roleplay can involve servitude, worship of the royal figure, sexual enslavement, degradation, and a host of other kinky ideas. So there you have it! Through roleplay, you and your partner can explore literally any type of fantasy or dynamic in a sexual context. up to receive regular updates and tips about extraordinary intimacy and get instant access to our Tantric Massage Ebook:.

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Written by Molly Submissive role play.

Submissive role play

My fellow subbies, find yourself a sexy school uniform and start breaking some rules! How freaky and awesome does that sound? This type of play can involve suits, asments, punishments, and more. No wonder 50 Shades has sold so many damn copies! Get Started. View all posts. You may also like. Whether you have a penis or a vagina, the health of our pelvic floor——also known as the Yes Please!

Submissive role play

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