Why do men find pregnant women sexy

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At 34 weeksa mom-to-be is carrying approximately 2 kilograms of baby, 4 kilograms of fluid, and endless amounts of F off. Needless to say, the thought of being desirable is the furthest thought from her pregnant brain. Reddit user Dioxycyclone took to the online forum to share just how "super gross" life at 34 weeks of pregnancy really is and her confusion, or rather disgust, at the amount of male attention her state seems to attract. Apart from the reasonable outrage that even now — after the Me Too movement — men would still have the gall to hit on women at work, what emerged was that the experience is quite typical among pregnant women.

Also see: Pregnancy Week-by-week. Do men flirt with you now that you're pregnant? Tell us about the interesting experiences you've had and we could publish your letter. Anonymous contributions are welcome. While the relatable levels of the post were clearly obvious, one poster, toomanyburritos, offered a why to all the hows. While not exactly prisoners of their genes, men being attracted to pregnant women can indeed be pinpointed to that crazy little thing called hormones, and one study is showing just how far the attraction goes.

Why do men find pregnant women sexy

A unique University of Texas at Austin study asked 52 male participants to sniff their way through 42 T-shirts ly worn by women in various stages of their menstrual cycle: that is, their ovulatory and non-ovulatory phases. Psychology professor and leading researcher Devendra Singh then asked the men to judge the t-shirts based on scent, looking out for pleasantness, intensity and sexiness of odour. Each t-shirt was rated and the findings concluded that the men found the t-shirt worn during the ovulatory phase sexier and more pleasant than t-shirts worn during the non-ovulatory phase.

And since pregnant women are quite literally the embodiment of fertility, their apparent appeal isn't surprising. But that still doesn't excuse the behaviour.

Why do men find pregnant women sexy

Pregnant women may be "walking advertisement for fertility", but just because you saw the ad, doesn't mean you can afford the product. Can you relate to this mom? Prisoners of their genes? We live in a world where facts and fiction get blurred. In times of uncertainty you need journalism you can trust. For only R75 per monthyou have access to a world of in-depth analyses, investigative journalism, top opinions and a range of features. Journalism strengthens democracy. Invest in the future today.

Why do men find pregnant women sexy

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Why do men find pregnant women sexy Why do men find pregnant women sexy

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It's not just pregnant women men find sexy, it's ovulating women as well