I want to cuckold my husband

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I love showing off my body. I love when men stare at me with that lusty look in their eyes. I love that they get hard for me. It makes me so hot! I love letting them catch a glimpse under my skirt or down my top, especially when my husband is there! I know that's terrible, but I can't help it. The kind of men who look like they don't ask you to, they tell you to.

The ones who make my breath catch and my knees weak. The opposite of my husband! I love my husband. He's the sweetest, kindest man I've ever known. He's a wonderful husband and father! I would never cheat on him but my god I would love to be ravished by a big, scary biker right in front of him!

I want to cuckold my husband

He would never agree to something like that, but a girl's gotta have her fantasies. Ever find yourself wondering who just texted or called your spouse? Find out the truth today and clear your relationship or marital doubt. This hacker will help you expose a cheater, he helped me during my divorce process with my ex by hacking his phone and bring all his secret infidelity games to light It is sad that everybody seems to end up with the wrong partner sexually because they based the relationship on other things. I have always felt that the other things are the stuff that can be worked out and the sexual personality of two people is what needs to match up.

If you had married me instead you would be living in bliss because I want nothing more than a woman to cuckold me. It is my lifelong dream.

I want to cuckold my husband

I went out of town to work and would be gone for 2 weeks at a time. Tell me this. Would your fantasy extend to he concept of such a man breaking into your house, tying up your husband and raping you in front of him, so you could not be held responsible and he would have no choice? That is well written, an honest and forthright expression of a wife's fantasies. It is also brave to take the step from fantasizing to you writing it. That you festering sores of humanity found your way to a post "I want to cuckold my husband! Perhaps it's time YOU used this site as it was intended to be used.

That you even have those feelings and thoughts is troubling by themselves. I love my wife very much. If you want an open relationship make that clear and it will be better for everyone. If you have the urge to cheat why not tell the other person? Why not break up? If you love someone and you know that with all certainty you will not want to be with anyone else. My ex was living a double and sneaky lifestyle that led to our broke up after i hacked his phone through the help of 'hackingloop6 gmail. The lil best u can do is to walk out of the relationship than cheating on them.

I think you will find that your husband will be waaaay more open to this than you i want to cuckold my husband. He loves you and wants you to be happy. Just ask him!! Wow me and a lot of guys would bang. I adore being told to strip naked.

I love showing my body. I dream of being banged hard by a lot of guys at once. My husband will never understand that. After having talked about her with other men while i was in the throes of pleasure it came a day when she said lets try. We went to a local motel bar and she picked up a guy and went to his room.

The next one i got to watch and eventually did all the things you can imagine. Nothing wrong being a cuckold. Most men can adapt nicely if the wife takes the right approach. Then he can reap the rewards that come with having a hotwife. Been married 20 years the first time my wife cucked me. If my wife did that to me they would have a hard time finding her. I am Italian-Calabrese and Sicilian and believe you me it would be the worst day of her life. There is nothing honorable or righteous in leading a wife into Sin and she had a choice not to Sin.

Back in the day when a wife did this there was a word for a woman like this when she commits adultery-word begins with W. Sure you would tough guy. The reason why men become cucks is fear. The mind tries to act out trauma over and over again to try and make sense of it, to heal itself. It ends up being a useless feedback loop. While the abuser gets to enjoy the thrill and the abused thinks they are enjoying themselves.

There is a natural truth to the universe, and everything humans touch becomes a rotten shadow of that i want to cuckold my husband. In are pride we clutch that shadow and pain and loose everything true love and beauty could be. At least the Universe knows better. It is elegance, total chaos in a symphony of perfect order.

It cannot be too soon before the waste we call humanity is lost to the sands of time. You're just in a frustrating situation. Unless you cheat you'll never get what you want. I give my wife a permanent hall pass and she uses it. That's an Too bad it's wrong. In my marriage, it's me who's looking for new meat and my husband giving the thumbs-up to my doing it.

Kind of flies in the face of your "men be kings" macho bullshit. But that's how you 14 year old boys roll, isn't it? Trying to sound all experienced and bad and crap like that. Married for 35 years, probably dated for 5 i guess? What are you talking about a boomer javing no knowleage. One of them made your stupid ass.

Someday you may make it to 65 and when you do. You may just be disrespected like you just tried to do to the one that posted this. One thing you have to remember about older people. They have lived what you are going through now. You are showing your stupidity. When socialism takes you, I'll be laughing, punk. I envy you I'd love to have a woman like you. Someone who takes her pleasure as she wants but still wants to be with me as her partner.

You'd have my blessing. A willing cuck. My girlfriend cheated on me ALL is fair in love and war. Bye ya'll MD. If I were married to you, I would embrace your desire. A women deserves more than 1 man can give her. Sure you would. If she found another man, they would probably turn you into the Sissy you really are. I had a girlfriend years ago and we dated for a long time. She and I talked about it a bit and I asked her if she'd like to date around.

She seemed interested and got kind of turned on by the conversation. This was while we were still together, but not married.

I want to cuckold my husband

She really got off telling me all about her dates with the other guys, and I have to confess - listening to her tell me what she did with them made me rock hard. I didn't understand it - and don't understand it to this day, but it was a huge turn-on. She even tried to arrange it so I could watch through a window at one guy's place, - unknown to him - but he pulled the curtains shut. It made her hot to know how hot I got knowing what she was doing. She'd tell me in great detail all the things she was doing on her dates just to get me rock hard and then it was game on! Thinking back to those days still gets me cranked up.

I thought I had written that article. An old gf did the same thing. My qife ans I swing, cuckold, and have somewhat of an open marriage. We have lots of fun with it. Most recently it was by a coworker whos also in a band. She went to see him "play" wearing short shorts, low top and no panties.

After the gig they sat around had some drinks. No condom but he's very safe. It was spectacular!!! I love my husband very much! We have kids and a great relationship! I went down to check out my bathroom he was remodeling! He was so ruff and talked dirty to me! I loved it! I sucked it even harder and faster! He let go and my face was covered!

I want to cuckold my husband

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I Want To Cuckold My Husband!